Sunday, June 20, 2010

Δωσε μου καπου να πιαστω

Ειχα προσφατα μια συζητηση με μια φιλη μου απο το εξωτερικο. Μη Ελληνίδα, πανεπιστημιακης μορφωσης. Παραθετω μονο καποια δικα της σχολια.

ΥΜ: if there is nothing to look forward to and to excite a generation
ΥΜ: how can there possibly be an idea that affects everyone strong enough in order to lead to drastic change
ΥΜ: to revolution
ΥΜ: our generation has had all the information we can possibly ever want

ΥΜ: so everyone knows a bit about lots of things and really nothing about smth in particular
we have sex at 14 and fb profiles at 7
we're wasted at 20
at 25 u have ur midlife crisis
ΥΜ: it impossible to have a normal conversation
or very rare at least
 everyone has had their troubles and their shit and think they've learnt so much
well they have
but there is still so much left to learn
 we're arrogant
 shameless, selfish
 and this instead of being critisized is being promoted all around us
 just think about it
 i think the next best thing will have smth to do with "natural" and "humility"
maybe we both should copy this conversation and save it somewhere, and when years later we're sitting in some forest with guns in our hands and camouflage clothes...
just keep people ignorant and u can do whatever u want
 but then again
 we are not ignorant, we're literate and all
 and what do we get?
work in order to survive, not to get satisfaction out of it

well work is inevitable
 i go to the office every day
and tho i feel its useless as hell i do it to get the money
and thats that
 an idea is important, thats what
 the effort and belief to change smth for the better
 thats is important according to me
 i do not see myself working for some fat ass company for the rest of my life id go nuts to do that

Δεν θα σχολιασω ιδιαιτερα. Απλα το γεγονος οτι η νεα γενια βρισκετε σε κριση ισως παγκοσμια.

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars
No handlebars

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars
No handlebars

Look at me, look at me
hands in the air like it's good to be
and I'm a famous rapper
even when the paths're all crookedy
I can show you how to do-si-do
I can show you how to scratch a record
I can take apart the remote control
And I can almost put it back together
I can tie a knot in a cherry stem
I can tell you about Leif Ericson
I know all the words to "De Colores"
And "I'm Proud to be an American"
Me and my friend saw a platypus
Me and my friend made a comic book
And guess how long it took
I can do anything that I want cuz, look:

I can keep rhythm with no metronome
No metronome
No metronome

And I can see your face on the telephone
On the telephone
On the telephone

Look at me
Look at me
Just called to say that it's good to be
In such a small world
I'm all curled up with a book to read
I can make money open up a thrift store
I can make a living off a magazine
I can design an engine sixty four
Miles to a gallon of gasoline
I can make new antibiotics
I can make computers survive aquatic conditions
I know how to run a business
I can make you wanna buy a product
Movers shakers and producers
Me and my friends understand the future
I see the strings that control the systems
I can do anything with no assistance
Cuz I can lead a nation with a microphone
With a microphone
With a microphone
And I can split the atom of a molecule
Of a molecule
Of a molecule

Look at me
Look at me
Driving and I won't stop
And it feels so good to be
Alive and on top
My reach is global
My tower secure
My cause is noble
My power is pure
I can hand out a million vaccinations
Or let'em all die in exasperation
Have'em all healed of their lacerations
Have'em all killed by assassination
I can make anybody go to prison
Just because I don't like'em and
I can do anything with no permission
I have it all under my command
Because I can guide a missile by satellite
By satellite
By satellite
And I can hit a target through a telescope
Through a telescope
Through a telescope
And I can end the planet in a holocaust
In a holocaust (x5)

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars

Και ενα αμερικανικο τραγουδι. Τα προβληματα της γενιας μας δεν εχουν συνορα. Ισως να βγαλουμε κατι δημιουργικο. Εδω στην Ελλαδα, εχουμε καποιους λογους παραπανω να πρωτοπορησουμε.

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