Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The never hour

My first post ever.

We have reached a turning point. Ground Zero. We = Greeks by the way.

We are all part of a mess we created. And still we keep doing what has been the reason for our destruction. Blame others. We are a part, cause we all did participate and encourage the customer relationship between political/economical powers and ourselves.

Looking into the upcoming destruction, i do not think we should start giving blame. It is obvious who did what, we knew it all along. I think we should feel the hope, that after the destruction, we will create a better world.

Every crisis brings a new equilibrium in the system, and it is our duty to seize the opportunity for the better. Things will definately get worse before getting better, but it is our chance to do what we all wanted since we were kids. A better world.

I remember when i was still in school, i used to see my parents struggle to survive while providing for me and my sister. I remember the stories the told me about their childhood, and how hard it was for them. I was too young to feel guilty, but able to dream about a better world.

As i grew up, everyone, everything kept pointing out, legitimately, that changing the world is impossible. Changing your self and doing what you can in your part matters. Moreover, no one is wise enough to be able what would actually be better for everyone, and whoever thinks that is arrogant.

However, i found out some things no one dares to say. Some things even the greatest power wouldn't admit or want u to know. I found out we are Human. and we are meant to help each other. And being there for some other person is as strong as changing the world.

Yes, even today, i am arrogant enough to want to change the things i think are bad in my country. Many people claim they are "fighting" for it, but almost all of them are complete liars. People go on the streets thinking they are fighting for a cause, which they don't even know, and in reality, they are controlled and organised by the "powers" they think they hate. Which is, least to say, sad.

How to go by doing that really though. I know i cannot change anything myself. But as a whole we can. We Greeks are really industrious people, even tho we hate everyone. even ourselves. Full of inferiority/superiority complexes and what not.

It is about time to forget and forgive everything and start new. The mistakes or the past and the grim future should stop haunting our present, our NOW.

lets ask:

How i will help my country today?

One answer is as simple as cleaning the sidewalk in front of my house.
Or say hello and smile at someone who looks sad like most people in Greece lately.

Hope, is all we have, and right now, all we need.

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